Bathroom Counter Storage

I don’t like clutter and am always looking for clever storage ideas. I had seen a post on Pinterest about using a plate stand to create additional storage on the bathroom counter. If you don’t already know about Pinterest, it is a crafter’s Nirvana. I didn’t want to spend money on a plate stand and decided to try and replicate the idea using items from the dollar and/or craft store.

I picked up 2 stove top burner covers from the dollar store. As ‘lovely’ as the 2 different fruit patterns were, it didn’t matter that they didn’t match because they were never going to see the light of day after they were covered with spray paint. I used left over spray paint from a prior project that coordinated with the colors in my master bathroom.

Burner Covers and Spray Paint

Once the spray paint dried it was time to apply stencils to the painted burner covers. I picked up new stencils and stencil paint at the craft store but easily could’ve used ones I already had on hand from prior projects.

Stenciling the Burner Covers

The left over spray paint was also used to cover a metal candlestick holder I found in the clearance section of the local craft store. Here are the 3 fully painted pieces prior to assembly.

Painted Pieces Pre-Assembly

Then it was time to put it all together. I used epoxy to adhere the burner covers and candlestick holder together and used 2 heavy cookbooks to apply pressure as the piece dried.  Anyone who knows me is aware that this is the most use these cookbooks have gotten in years.

Counter Stand Drying During Assembly

I let it dry overnight and flipped it over to reveal the completed stand. So pretty!

Completed Counter Stand

The stand now located on the counter and is filled up with some of the stuff we ladies like to keep easily accessible in the master bathroom. I think I could easily apply the same steps to make a cool occasion specific stand to hold cupcakes or hors d’oeuvres…if only I cooked.

Counter Stand in Use


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