I Believe I Can Fly

The benefit of spending part of the summer ‘down the shore’, which is New Jersey speak for ‘at the beach’, is that there are plenty of sea birds to photograph. And these birds love to FLY, especially the Seagulls.

Overhead Seagull

Flying Overhead

Up Close Seagull

Flying in Over the Lagoon

Landing Seagull

Coming in For a Landing

I even spotted some Pelicans flying around Island Beach State Park. I love how prehistoric they look.

Lone Pelican

Flying Solo

Pelican Formation

Flying in Formation

These little sea birds hung out in a pack and flew away each time I got too close.

Flying Sea Birds

Flying Sea Birds

Even the Ducks got in on the action although they are far less graceful looking than the other birds. When they land it looks to me like they’re looking around to see if anyone actually saw their less than graceful landing.

Flying Duck

Wings Wide Open

Duck Splash Down

Splash Down


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