Red Solo Cup Art

This is a craft project from a few years ago when I first moved into my new house. The house has a large wall in the stairwell that needed a large piece of art. The problem with a large piece of art is it’s usually pretty expensive and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, especially when I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted.

Art on the Wall

Art on the Wall

I decided to make use of 4 blank canvases and some old paint I had lying around from prior projects. Two canvases were painted green and 2 were painted brown. After they dried they were placed right next to each other on the table. Now it was time to get creative with 3 additional colors of paint and 3 Red Solo Cups.

Red Solo Cup Art

Painting the Canvases

I painted the rim of each cup with a different shade of green, brown and beige and used each cup to ‘stamp’ circles on the canvas. I kept loading up the paint on the cup with a foam brush and continued with each color paint until I got a pattern I was happy with. I made sure to stamp the circles so they spanned more than one canvas so the design would line up when the canvases hung on the wall.

Red Solo Cup Canvas Close Up

One of the brown canvases

After the paint dried the canvases were hung on the wall in the stairwell with Command Strips. I chose to hang them spaced slightly apart so that the art would appear bigger on the wall. What I like about this project is it cost nothing because it was done with items I already had at home and that it can be done in any combination of colors to match your taste.

Hanging in the Stairwell

Hanging in the Stairwell