Duke Farms

Photos from a recent trip to Duke Farms in Somerset County, NJ, the former home of heiress Doris Duke.

Stone Wall

Duke Farms Statue

Duke Farms Pergola

Duke Farms Architecture

Duke Farms Greenhouse

Doris Duke used the ruins of the Hay Barn as an outdoor sculpture gallery.

Hay Barn Ruins

Statue in the Hay Barn

Hay Barn


Jazzing Up A Wire Basket

I had picked up a wire basket with a burlap lining to give me some extra storage in the dining room. I loved the rustic feel of the wire basket but felt it was a little blah.

Wire Basket - Before

In order to give the basket a little pizazz I decided to stencil a design on it. I used a Martha Stewart stencil and craft paint I already had in my stash of craft supplies. I secured the stencil to the burlap using blue painters tape and put a piece of cardboard behind the burlap lining to prevent the paint from bleeding through the burlap.

Stenciling Burlap

Stenciled Burlap

The stencil was applied to all 4 sides of the burlap lining, but I waited for the paint to dry to the touch before moving on to the next side in order to prevent the paint from smearing. As soon as it dried, it was ready to go back up on top of the dining room hutch to provide some much needed additional storage.

Wire Basket - After

A Day at Natirar

I stopped by Natirar, which is a local estate here in the Somerset Hills of New Jersey. On the day I visited, the grounds were set up to host a wine tasting festival. It is now a county park but was at one time owned by the King of Morocco. Oddly enough I never ran into His Majesty at the local grocery store.

A Bridge over the Raritan River

A Bridge over the Raritan River

The Mansion with Festival Tents in the Foreground

The Mansion with Festival Tents in the Foreground

A Waterfall

Mini Waterfall

A Barn

A Barn



Hay in the Barn

Hay in the Barn

Closeup of Wildflowers

Wildflowers up Close


Vegetable Themed Wreath

Today’s project is from a number of years ago, hence the one not so great quality picture. I guess it could be considered my Throwback Thursday craft project.

I wanted vegetable themed decor in my very first kitchen. I wasn’t a big vegetable eater so I figured it was the only way there would ever be veggies in that kitchen since I wasn’t buying them at the grocery store. I’ve got a thing for wreaths so I decided to make a veggie themed wreath. I started with a straw wreath and hot glued some craft moss to the wreath. Next I hot glued some miniature vegetables I picked up from the craft store onto the moss covered wreath. And there you have it…the only vegetables that were ever in that kitchen!

Veggie Wreath

Veggie Wreath