Julia’s Rocker

When my friend recently had a baby I decided that I wanted to paint my childhood rocking chair to give to her baby daughter for Christmas. This was my first attempt at using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) on something other than a picture frame.

Original Rocking Chair

Original Rocking Chair

I started by painting the entire chair in ASCP Versailles, one of my favorite colors. Julia’s nursery bedding has a paisley design and I knew I was not a good enough painter to free hand that, so I used a Martha Stewart paisley stencil. The accents were added using ASCP in Emile and Old White.

Paisley Detail on Seat

Paisley Detail on Seat

Paisley Detail on Back

Paisley Detail on Back

After the painting was completed it was time for the waxing, sanding and distressing. I have to admit I still struggle with the waxing. I never get the piece to the level of smoothness that I would like. I am hoping this will come with practice. For this piece I used the ASCP clear wax and added minimal distressing. After forty years this chair has a new life in the nursery of another little girl.

Julia's Rocker

Julia’s Rocker

Note: I apologize for the less than amazing photos of this project. I was running out of time and the time to take photos of the project is what suffered. No matter how much planning you do the holidays always manage to sneak up faster than expected.


4 thoughts on “Julia’s Rocker

  1. That looks cute. I have one just like that, found on the road but one arm is broken off so I was going to take the other off and fix it up…..Great job


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