How Seagulls Are Like Humans – Part 2

After some unexpected delays, it’s time for Part 2 of How Seagulls Are Like Humans.

Just like humans, some seagulls are anti-social, some just want to be with that one special individual and some aren’t happy unless they are surrounded by a whole group.

The Loner

“I want to be alone.”

The Couple

“What do you say you and I get out of here? Just the 2 of us.”

The Gang

“The more the merrier. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with us? We are awesome!”

Seagulls also like to drink. Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing cocktail?

The Drinker

“I’m going to belly up to the sand bar and have me an adult beverage.”

Then there are always the ones that can’t handle their booze and end up in a fight.

The Fighter

“Don’t make me cut you.”

Some could be featured in an episode of Hoarders.

The Hoarder

“I can’t get rid of this sea grass. I might need it some day. This isn’t junk!”

There’s at least one rule breaker in every group.

The Rulebreaker

“I had no idea I wasn’t allowed on the dunes.”


How Seagulls Are Like Humans – Part 1

Seagulls are often considered the pests of the beach. However, after spending some time at the shore this summer I’ve realized they are very much like you and me.

They like to eat…a lot. They are omnivores and will eat just about anything. I bet they’d even eat a tin can if given the opportunity.  I noticed they are not big fans of sharing their food, just like some people I know.

Seagull Eating Sushi

“Mmmm, my favorite…sushi!”

Seagull Eating Orange Peel

“Oh, an orange peel. Why do humans throw this part away? It’s delish!”

Seagulls Not Sharing Food

“Get your own damn sushi!”

After a big meal they like to take a nap. There is nothing better than a nap on the beach.

Napping Seagull

“I’m so tired, you’d think I ate turkey.”

In order to keep in shape, seagulls like to exercise. In addition to flying they enjoy all types of exercise: yoga, swimming and dancing just to name a few.

Seagull Yoga


Swimming Seagull

“I can swim AND fly. Can you fly Michael Phelps?”

Dancing Seagull

“I’m a dancing machine. Watch me get down.”

At the end of a long day they enjoy looking out across the ocean, reflecting upon they day they’ve had and dreaming about what adventures tomorrow will bring.

Thoughtful Seagull

“Food…check. Nap…check. Exercise…check. Maybe a little shopping tomorrow?”

Just like a child or favorite pet, as soon as you have a decent shot lined up, they turn their head. Damn them!

Seagull Turning Head

“Oh, were you trying to take a picture of ME? My bad.”