Making a Burlap Covered Box

I’ve got a bunch of cardboard shipping boxes in the garage and was trying to think of ways decorate them so I could use them for storage in my house. I settled on covering one of them in burlap, because, well…I’ve got a thing for burlap. I just love bulap’s texture and casual look.

Burlap Box Supplies

I taped up the seams of the box and then it was ready for the burlap. Using Mod Podge, I glued down ¼ of an inch of burlap onto 1 side of the box to begin with. For this first side, I actually put the glue on top of the burlap to ensure it was secured to the box.

Starting the Burlap

Once it dried I continued going around the sides of the box, first brushing on the glue and then pressing the burlap onto the wet glue. After each side set up, I’d move onto the next side repeating the same steps.

Laying Down the Mod Podge

Burlap on Box

The fourth and final side of the box was finished off by folding under the burlap to create a clean seam. Again, to ensure it was secured, glue was put on top of the burlap. It dries clear so it doesn’t dramatically change the look of the burlap.

Folded over Burlap

Glued Burlap Edges

A Clean Seam

After the entire box was dry, I trimmed up the burlap that hung over the edges of the box and I was good to go.

Finished Burlap Box


Jar Candle Upcycle

I burn a lot of jar candles and have always just put the empty glass jars out with the rest of my recycling when I had finished with the candles. Lately I’ve been saving the jars thinking I could find a use for them around the house.

A few months ago I switched to using daily contact lenses and needed to find a way to store them in my bathroom in a way that allowed me to get to them easily each morning but also looked nice. The candle jars were a perfect size but I didn’t want to see the contact lens packets through the clear glass jar so I had to get crafty.

Empty Candle  Jar

All that is needed for this project is a roll of twine, a brush, Mod Podge and an empty jar. Starting at the top of the jar, simply brush the Mod Podge onto the jar and start unrolling the twine. I found brushing the glue around the jar in 1 inch increments worked well and allowed me to wrap the twine around a section of the jar before the glue dried up. Then I’d just repeat brushing on the glue and wrapping the jar in twine until I reached the bottom of the jar.

Mod Podge and Twine

I reinforced the two rows of twine at the top and the bottom of the jar by putting some extra Mod Podge on top of the twine. This will ensure the twine doesn’t start to unravel from the jar.

Reinforcing the Twine

Fully wrapped jar

Once it dried, I was pretty pleased with my little project, but felt it needed something extra. Since these particular jar candles had flat wood tops, I went ahead and stenciled the letters ‘L’ and ‘R’ on the top of the tops. One jar would hold the contacts for my left eye and the other would hold the contacts for my right eye. (Yes, I’m anal retentive!) For this part of the project I just used some letter stencils and some black craft paint, both of which I already had at home.

Stenciling items


Here’s the completed project sitting on my bathroom counter, entirely created with items I already had on hand. It cost me nothing except a little time!

Contact Lens Storage