Homemade Magnetic Pen Holder

Like a lot of people I have a note pad hanging on my refrigerator but I always find myself searching for a pen when I have something to write down. The whole taping a string to a pen and then taping it to the note pad wasn’t the look I was going for, so I came up with something a little nicer looking.

Magnetic Pen Holder

I took a box I was going to recycle, in this case a box of decongestant medicine…you know, the good stuff you have to sign for at the pharmacy counter. I cut it down to a size that would be good to stand pencils and pens in. Then I used packing tape to secure the edges of the box.

The Starting Materials

The box still didn’t have the look I was going for so I wrapped it in left over scrapbook paper. You could use anything that you like or that matches your décor to cover the box…wrapping paper, a picture from a magazine, etc.

Wrapped in Decorative Paper

The final step was to glue a magnet to the back of the box so it would be able to hang on the refrigerator next to the note pad. Now I always have a pen handy when I need one and it was made with items I already had in the house. And it looks a lot classier than a pen taped to a string.

Magnetic Pen Holder